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Who am I?

I'm Jack Wallace, and I'm dialect coach based in Los Angeles, originally from the UK.  I work with actors and business professionals all over the world to help them meet their accent goals.

Why do I teach accents?

I was born and raised in Warwickshire, England.  My mother is Northern Irish and so I grew up hearing several different accents. My interest led me to study them formally. I hold MA in Professional Voice Practice from The Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, and am a certified One-Voice Practitioner.

What does being a "registered" coach mean?

As a registered dialect coach with, I have completed their extensive vetting process. This accolade gives you peace of mind that I have skills and qualifications to be a professional dialect coach.

What is a session like?

I coach the majority of my clients via web meetings. Sessions typically last one hour and we will likely use several different techniques.

From your own voice, I am able to pinpoint the exact sounds that need to be honed to achieve your target accent.

Although I like to focus on specifics to get an accurate version of an accent, I always encourage a sense of play in the sessions to help your accent sound more natural.

When should I hire a coach?

Most actors hire dialect coaches when they have an upcoming audition, have booked a role or when they want to make themselves more marketable.

Not looking for a white guy to coach you?

I get it! Check out these fabulous coaches

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